BushGuru wireless internet solutions

in and around Phalaborwa: get connected!

BushGuru specialises in providing the latest in wireless internet connections. We use only the best radio equipment that vastly improves wireless internet connection speed and reliability.

We have extensive experience of data networks and voice networks including the internet. Our top guru, with thirty years’ experience in the technology industry, has designed data networks for companies such as Motorola and Nokia in the UK and Europe. He’s the guru’s guru.

Member of  WAPA - click here to view WAPA members' code of conduct Licensed by ICASA ESET Authorised Partner

We are licensed by ICASA, the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa. Our ICASA licence numbers are 0160/CECNS/NOV/10 and 0160/CECS/NOV/10.

As a member of WAPA (the Wireless Access Provider Association) we are bound by their code of conduct. The Code of Conduct is used for enforcement matters and the consumer complaints process. One of our directors is on the current executive committee of WAPA, representing the needs of small rural wireless internet service providers, in an effort to ensure the industry develops to provide faster, more reliable broadband internet to all customers, however remote.